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Why take VitaVoice Optimise over other supplements as a singer?

Not all vitamins and minerals are created equal.

Each ingredient in VitaVoice Optimise has been hand-selected to ensure we have targeted aspects of normal human physiology which, when out of balance, can contribute to vocal underperformance.

Many factors can affect vocal performance, such as illness, stress and anxiety, and changes in amount or type of voice use. Verdolini (1998) suggests professional voice users are the patient group who most frequently attend for voice therapy due to their increased vulnerability for hyperfunction-related injury. This means if you use your voice professionally, eg. singers, actors, broadcasters, podcasters, teachers, politicians, call-centre operatives, sales people, religious leaders, barristers, etc. you are more at risk of vocal injury because of the sheer amount you use your voice!

MANY common factors can contribute to putting voice production 'off-balance', encouraging hyperfunction. An 'off-balance' voice is predisposed to developing unhelpful patterns of muscular activity in an effort to compensate. In small doses we can call this intermittent hyperfunction. When hyperfunction persists it can lead to a more established voice problem commonly known as Muscle Tension Dysphonia.

VitaVoice has taken this into consideration and we've created a food supplement which aims to optimise (hence the name) nutrition for individuals who maybe have a less than perfectly varied and balanced diet 100% of the time. We aim to support performers to fuel their bodies optimally. If your body is fuelled better, it should work more effectively at what it has been designed to do. This should help reduce many of the common contributing factors of hyperfunction. Thus (indirectly) supporting professional voice users to avoid muscle tension dysphonia.

VitaVoice is a nutritional preventative measure for achieving and maintaining optimal vocal health.

Immune Function: VitaVoice aims to support normal immune function. When your immune function is working properly it can reduce the likelihood for being affected by common illnesses such as colds and flu, and associated inflammation. Inflammation is not a a voice professional's friend and can affect everything from pitch range and breath support, to vocal tract flexibility and stability of tone. When inflammation is present due to an 'itis'. (eg pharyngitis/ laryngitis) coughing can exacerbate the problem and cause symptoms to last for much longer than is ideal.

This is particularly debilitating for vocalists who rely on being able to produce voice for their livelihood. When the voice isn't working as it should, there is a tendency for voice-users to (consiously or sub-consiously) 'push' and 'squeeze' and change things about their method of voice production in order to continue using the voice - when in fact, vocal rest would be the preferred action to promote recovery.

If the body is nutritionally balanced and therefore working effectively, evidence suggests the duration for common upper respiratory tract infections (eg. colds/flu) can be reduced and sometimes illness can even be avoided altogether! Theoretically reducing the temptation to over-work the voice.

Stress Support: There is scientific evidence that dietary supplements can be part of a holistic approach to reducing stress, along with a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes, such as getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly, talking to friends or a mental health professional, and engaging in relaxation techniques and meditation.

VitaVoice Optimise provides high quality adaptogens in optimal doses to support management of stress and anxiety alongside commonly recommended vitamins and minerals. Please see Why is managing stress so important for optimal vocal performance? for more information about how stress can affect voice production, and our SCIENCE section to find out more about the beneficial effects of each ingredient included in VitaVoice.

Energy Boost: VitaVoice Optimise aims to support normal metabolism to ensure energy levels are optimal and stabilised. With addition of 1000% daily NRV vitamin B12 and our amazing Nootropics (Lion's Mane Mushroom, Panax Ginseng, & KSM-66 Ashwagandha) VitaVoice is designed to provide a daily boost of vitality, creativity, mental clarity, and focus. A perfectly natural way to help your body and mind maintain balance in an ever-increasingly chaotic world. Making you feel great every day! You can find out more about our nootropics here.

Bioavailability: VitaVoice only includes the most bioavailable and absorbable nutrient forms. By only including nutrients which can be easily processed and used by the body, VitaVoice Optimise ensures you can access the most nutritional benefits.

VitaVoice Optimise is 100% vegan, allergen and cruelty-free

A personal note: VitaVoice has been developed by clinical voice specialists who want to make a genuine difference to reducing the symptoms voice-users everywhere experience at one time or another in their lives. Now, in 2022, referrals to the NHS are at an all time high along with devilishly long waiting lists. Common waiting times for ENT assessment is 18 weeks, prior to being able to access voice therapy - another potential 18 week wait...and this is when the NHS is functioning adequately! This is no good for voice professionals who rely on their voices for their livelihood.

VitaVoice is a uniquely modern approach to voice care and vocal health. It has been developed to help prevent professional voice users from developing voice problems. VitaVoice Optimise is a preventative, rather than reactive measure like many voice care products are on the market today eg. lozenges, nasal and throat sprays, cough syrups, etc. Disclaimer: Not all voice problems are caused by the factors VitaVoice seeks to mitigate for. If you have had a persistent problem with your voice for 2-3 weeks or more, please seek GP advice.

All in one easy-to-swallow daily capsule.

For more information please see:

If you have further questions please do get in touch via our socials @vitavoicehealth on instagram and facebook.

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