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Vitamins and Minerals 101

When we shop, the foods we choose are often chosen because of their macronutrient content (carbs, protein, and fat). Overall, we give much less thought to what micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) our food provides us. Micronutrients get less attention, possibly because they don’t impact our weight the way the macros do.

Vitamins and minerals are just as critical as the calories we eat. They play critical roles in the structure and function of our bodies. For example, Vitamin D supports calcium absorption and bone mineralisation; Iron supports oxygen transport and immune function; Vitamin C, an antioxidant, protects healthy cells from being damaged and makes our collagen strong; and Vitamin K allows blood to clot if we get a cut or bruise.

It’s not necessary to know every function of every vitamin and mineral to understand their importance. There is a dizzying number of details and the scientific research changes almost daily.

At the heart of VitaVoice our ethos is living well to improve your general health, wellbeing, and vocal performance. We advocate a ‘Food First’ policy in our approach towards potential micronutrient inadequacies. Food supplements are never intended to be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. They can however provide nutritional support to help you maintain the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals your body requires for normal functioning. Keep in mind if you are a professional performer, the macro- and micronutrients you require to maintain a higher level of athletic and artistic function may be different to the nutrient requirements of other people.

Do I need a supplement?

We are all humans living real (busy) lives and even with our best intentions we are not always accessing an adequately balanced diet. As you make decisions about what foods to eat, keep in mind it’s not all about calories, carbs, protein, and fat. It’s entirely possible to be malnourished from a lack of micronutrients even if you’re eating plenty of calories and macronutrients! UK-wide nutritional studies are clear in the data that only around 30% of adults consume their 5-a-day of recommended fruit and vegetables, often opting for foods which are high in fats, sugar, and salt instead.

Poor diet choices and unhealthy eating habits are more likely whilst we are busy and stressed. For performers this may include the time around rehearsals, recording, seasonal work, and other performance runs. Tiredness, and lack of availability of healthy food options can lead to regular unhealthy eating patterns, such as eating late at night after performances and poor food choices being made. Fast food is renowned to have too much fat, salt, and sugar (all taste and little nutritional substance). Fast food is often also low in fibre and essential nutrients.

Studies show additional supplementation is a recognised practice amongst dieticians, and 68% of the UK adult population over 55 are now taking food supplements daily according to a survey by the Health Food Manufacturer’s Association (2021). VitaVoice is a food supplement which has been formulated with overall wellbeing, voice and performance in mind. It is intended to be taken once daily (with first food of the day for optimal absorption and effectiveness) to help correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients, and to support specific physiological functions related to vocal performance.

To support your health even further, alongside the vitamins and minerals VitaVoice includes botanicals with adaptogenic properties.

Our botanicals include: Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Elderberry, Grape Seed, Panax (Korean) Ginseng, Lemon Balm, Lion’s Mane, and Turmeric. Research suggests these may support the body to adapt to stressors, improve cognition (including memory, focus and creativity), and support vocal health and recovery through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Disclaimer: The use of dietary supplements can be beneficial; however, response greatly varies according to the genetic make-up of each individual and the degree of nutrient deficiency. We encourage individuals to take note if they are thinking of taking any food supplements: ‘If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision, please consult with your doctor before use. Do not exceed the stated recommended serving size’. VitaVoice advises anyone thinking of taking any food supplements to tell your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care providers about the food supplements and prescription or over-the-counter medicines you take. They can tell you if the supplements might interact with your medicines. They can also explain whether the medicines you take might interfere with how your body absorbs or uses other nutrients.


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