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Vocal health made in the UK

Made in

the UK

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vocal health with natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

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vocal health backed by research

Backed by Research

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What is VitaVoice?

Our product is a daily, food supplement capsule designed to support your wellbeing, health, and maintain your voice.

Our product includes key vitamins, minerals, and botanicals including Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, and Ginseng.

Why take VitaVoice?

  • Optimised Nutrition

  • Supports Energy & Focus

  • Cognitive Boost

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Supports Immune System & Recovery


Where can I buy VitaVoice?

You can only purchase our products online via our own Shopify store or on Amazon.

Monthly subscriptions are available on both platforms at a discounted price.


My voice is definitely feeling clearer and it's recovering so much faster after every week. The Ashwagandha root is really improving my confidence on stage too. They've become a staple in my routine now. 

I'm a professional singer, often doing 4 gigs a week with difficult material so it really takes its toll on my voice. I have been using VitaVoice consistently now for a few months and I have really noticed the difference in energy levels, and also I haven't been poorly in the cold weather, whereas I usually do I would definitely recommend this product to add into your daily routine to keep your voice healthy It's amazing!

This is so much better than the singer's elastoplast approach - honey/lemon/vitC/echinachea/cider vinegar etc. All of which often suggested in good faith between singers in our community

vocal health, voice health, improve vocal health, vocal health tips

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